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We have an Environmental Solution
Are You the one, to help us get the job done?
Our understanding is we need to clean-up some of the 5000 metric tons
of mercury which is expressed each year through coal burning.
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in supporting the goal of cleaning up the mercury? Contact
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and want to know more about how, why and when mercury moves?
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Are you the one, who is involved in Scientific Research of mercury
in the sediments and/or mercury transport events,
and would like samples to analyze?
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Are you the one, who is a Human that cares? You must understand
that each and every thing we do to help solutions happen,
makes a difference.
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Clear Mercury has solutions available for the recovery of mercury from the sediments it moves with, when nature puts them in motion, and from the sediments in reservoirs and deltas where the mercury concentrates.
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Donations support research and development of new applications
for this process that is cleaning up the mercury!
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