Microscopic Mercury Images

The elusive microscopic mercury, where are the photos? With the number of scientists doing studies on mercury contamination, one might think they would be able to give us some visual evidence. Well, it turns out that it is more challenging than expected, and the results are more exciting also.

I learned how to use my Canon 20D to look through the eye piece of a microscope and was able to photograph everything in the concentrates except the mercury! After several weeks of inspecting samples I saw something cross the field of view, silver in color and way out of focus. I backed up the focus to the top of the water and there was the mercury, floating on the surface, in constant motion. The smaller the beads, the faster they moved. The two large beads in the image moved the slowest, taking several seconds to cross the field of view giving me time to line up the camera and record the image. It is obvious that the configuration of our equipment allowed mercury's transport mechanism to be engaged.

Clear Mercury is arranging to record this behavior of mercury with video. Clear Mercury is aware our recovery process turns off the transport mechanism. In the process, Clear Mercury has measured distance, necessary for recovery, based on water depth. Now, Clear Mercury can turn it back on and make microscopic mercury float on the top of water as it does in nature. Enjoy the images in the Gallery.

microscopy mercury

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