Clear Mercury, cleaning up our environment
Mercury "Hot Moments" in the South Yuba River!

The Clear Mercury Vision

Clear Mercury is creating environmental innovation in the business of recovering mercury, and other toxic metals from the sediment of our rivers, streams, lakes and waterways. With a strong understanding of mercury and its "Transport Mechanisms", the planning and the execution of recovery/remediation using the Clear Mercury process is clear and concise. The Clear Mercury process has byproducts of other metals and industrial minerals which are destined to help supply humanity's industrial growth while detoxing mercury from the environment that supports Life on the Planet.

Clear Mercury is recovering mercury from contaminated water ways with the intention of the mercury being permanently retired. Therefore, reducing the toxic global reservoir circulating throughout our living environment. The eventual goal of "full production" is for Clear Mercury to recover a higher level of mercury than what is being expressed by humans, mostly coal burning, currently estimated to be approximately 6000 metric tons per year.


"We are cleaning it up!"
Martin Lucas Butler


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